Ichimoku 一目の均衡表

We are loyal supporters of Shiba Inu, however not directly related we share the same vision. The vision that Shibarium will be the dominant Network where DeFi, NFTs and other Web3 services will deploy to have cost efficient transaction costs and high transaction throughput. We will launch first on Binance Smart Chain, and once Shibarium Mainnet is launched we will migrate fully from Binance Smart Chain to Shibarium, This means the BNB from the liquidity will be converted into BONE and liquidity will be completely moved to ShibaSwap V2 which will be the main DEX on the network where BONE will be the gas token.                   

Ichimoku token is the official payment method for Shibarium.News , an unofficial news site dedicated to posting all news related to the upcoming Shibarium ecosystem. This means users can purchase press-releases, advertisements and more from Shibarium.News using Ichimoku token.


The Journey

Phase 1
  • Launch on Binance Smart Chain
  • Ichimoku will be Accepted Payment on various Crypto News Sites 
  • Banners, Press Releases, SEO 
  • Sumbit Listing to CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Nomics, Etc
  • Whitepaper
Phase 2
  • Migration from Binance Smart Chain to Shibarium Mainnet
  • Ichimoku NFTs on Shibarium Network
  • SEO & Social Media Growth 
  • Migration from PancakeSwap to ShibaSwap V2

Phase 3
  • Website Redesign 
  • Ichimoku Payment Acceptance with other Crypto News websites
  • CEX Listings
  • More use cases and utilities

Tokenomics & Taxes

Transaction Fee

Everytime you Buy or Sell the Ichimoku token you will be charged a 6% fee which will automatically be deducted from your trade*

* This fee can be changed to adapt with change in market conditions                    

The maximum supply will never exceed 999,999,999,999. We will regularly have token burns to reduce the token supply which in turn makes the token deflationary. A % of all payments made to Shibarium.News using Ichimoku Token will be burned.     
Locked Liquidity

Liquidity will be locked temporarily using DXLock on Binance Smart Chain. Once Shibarium launches and we have migrated we will lock the liquidity on whichever token locker is active on the mainnet.  

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